NOTE to Recruiters: I am most definitely NOT interested in jobs that would require relocation but I am willing to consider positions that have a large telecommuting component and would be willing to do some travel.

Jake Edge
6196 County Road 320
Rifle, CO 81650
(970) 625-5677 (home)
(720) 352-9793 (cell)



1986-1987: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

One year of work towards a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

1982-1986: Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, VT

Bachelor of Science degree, Major in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics.


2003-2007: Contributor, Linux Weekly News (

Wrote 20+ articles for the on-line Linux news site, Linux Weekly News, mostly on security related topics.

2001: Technical Reviewer, Linux Device Drivers

One of the technical reviewers of the 2nd Edition of Linux Device Drivers, by Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet, published by O'Reilly and Associates, Inc.


2007- : Editor,, Rifle, CO

Responsible for the Security page of each weekly edition of this on-line news magazine. Also responsible for writing articles each week on various topics of interest to the Linux and free software communities. Maintenance and development of new features for the Python-based site code is another facet of the job. Assisting with advertising sales, increasing subscribers, and generally promoting the site are all parts of the job. This job is based from my home office.

2004-2007 : Software Architect, Privacy Networks, Inc., Fort Collins, CO

Responsible for the overall architecture of the Internet Communications Security Suite which includes spam/virus detection, email archiving, and email encryption. Also responsible for design and development of an OpenPGP (RFC2440) compliant email encryption system.

2003- : Software Engineer, Edge Software Consulting, Inc., Berthoud, CO

Providing software development and maintenance for Perl/PHP/MySQL based web applications. Client applications have included a web-based system to track potential new accounts for businesses, an e-commerce site, and an email address provisioning application. Extensive use of Perl DBI and Template Toolkit were required. System and network administration for hosting these applications is an additional responsibility of this position.

2002-2003: Software Engineer, Allocity, Inc., Boulder, CO

Member of a team responsible for the virtualization and replication layer of a FreeBSD based Storage Area Networking product. Designed and developed new features as well as doing extensive debugging and bug fixing. In addition, developed a custom installer program for use by customers to install both FreeBSD and the SAN software on their commodity hardware.

2001-2002: Senior Software Engineer, Turquoise Technology AG, Boulder, CO

Responsible for the system software (kernel, drivers, and services) for the ContentCube, a Linux based content management system. Also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the software used to install and upgrade the system and application software on the ContentCube.

2000-2001: Senior Member of Technical Staff, Independent Storage Corp., Niwot, CO

Led a team of four developers designing and developing prototype software for distributed data storage. The software was implemented as Linux kernel modules and user-mode-linux was used extensively to debug the code. Developed the networking, lock manager, and buffer management code for the prototype. Also responsible for bringing up Linux on an MZ-104 single board computer.

1997-2000: Software Engineer, SpectraLink Corp., Boulder, CO

Responsible for development on the NetLink gateway which handled traffic between the PBX and the wireless 802.11 Voice over IP phones. This included maintenance and debug of an in-house developed RTOS. Also developed the boot code (which did self-testing and allowed for field downloading of the firmware) for all of the current gateway products.

1996-1997: Senior Software Engineer, QMS, Inc., Boulder, CO

Responsible for the development of a Portable Document Format (PDF) interpreter for laser printers. Consulting with other staff on PostScript language issues was an additional responsibility of this position. Used Linux extensively as a development environment.

1996: Senior Software Engineer, Vivid Image Co., Carlsbad, CA

Principal Development Engineer for a project to create a PostScript interpreter for wide-format printer controllers. A functional subset of the Postscript language was implemented on a Linux platform before the project was cancelled. Other responsibilities included the touchscreen user interface for the controllers and implementation and management of the Linux-based corporate firewall.

1993-1995: Senior Software Engineer, QMS, Inc., Boulder, CO

Responsible for the operating system interface for the PostScript language interpreter. This included paper handling options (setpagedevice), file handling, system parameters and resource handling. An additional responsibility of this position was tracking down and fixing bugs throughout the interpreter. The development platform shifted from SunOS to Linux during my time at QMS.

1990-1993: Multiple Positions, Netwise, Inc., Boulder, CO

Manager, SNA Solutions Group:

Reporting to the VP of Engineering, this position entailed overseeing 4 Software Engineers who were porting the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Tool to SunOS, Solaris and AIX using SNA as the transport.

Responsive Engineer:

This was a "firefighter" position focusing on the most important customer and/or partner problems with the RPC Tool. Traveling to customer sites and tradeshows to diagnose and fix bugs was required. In addition, several whitepapers on various aspects of the Tool were prepared, one of which was incorporated into the documentation.

Software Engineer:

Porting the RPC Tool to various operating systems using TCP/IP as the transport. This included working around various TCP/IP bugs in the stacks provided and preparing documentation.

1989-1990: Software Engineer, L & E Technologies, Boulder, CO

The software half of a two-person software/hardware consulting company. Various customer projects were completed including a weather satellite datastream simulator, MeteoSat and InSat weather data remapping, and porting the Netwise RPC Tool to various Operating Systems.

1988-1989: Software Engineer, TSI, Inc., Boulder, CO

Primarily responsible for design and development of ingest software for the GOES series of geostationary weather satellites. This was part of a project to build a commercial weather workstation based on PCs running UNIX.

1987-1988: Software Engineer, NSR, Inc., Boulder, CO

Contract employee at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration responsible for development of ingest and processing software for the TIROS series of polar orbiting weather satellites. Also responsible for maintenance of the ingest and processing software for the GOES satellites.